All About the Orthodontic Appliances That Can Give You the Smile You Want

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If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, there are many different appliances that can help you. This means you can align your teeth in any way you desire, as long as it fits your needs. Our orthodontist, Dr. Michael Emanuel, is happy to tell you all about those appliances so you can know a little more. Now, remember: This doesn’t mean we offer every appliance, but we do offer a number of them. To know what appliances we offer, call our office now at 718-336-5005.

Fixed appliances
-Traditional braces: This appliance is made of metal brackets and metal wires. There are small elastics that are wrapped around the brackets. You can customize these elastics by choosing different colors.

-Ceramic braces: This appliance is like traditional braces but it is made to match the color of your teeth. This makes it less noticeable.

-Lingual braces: This appliance is just like traditional braces. However, instead of being glued to the front surfaces of the teeth, it is glued to the back surfaces of the teeth. This makes them completely unnoticeable.

These appliances shift the teeth by adding pressure regularly.

Removable appliances
-Aligners: This appliance is a thin shell that is typically made out of a plastic material. This makes the appliance almost invisible. The shell pushes the teeth into place because it is pre-made. This will apply pressure to the teeth and push them into position.

For more information and details about orthodontic appliances in Brooklyn, New York, please contact Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC at 718-336-5005 when you have the opportunity. Our orthodontic team is here to help you in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!