Carriere Motion Clear Class II Appliance
Clear Carriere Motion Appliance Class II
This is simply a great appliance for starting children and adult Class II cases. Early establishment of a Class I ( which is a normal bite for the back teeth) and significant profile improvement often occurs. It is worn for about 3 to 4 months as part of the first stage in treatment. One big benefit to this appliance is that the patient spends less time wearing braces.
Carriere Motion Class II Appliance
Carriere Motion Appliance Class II
This appliance is one of the best non-surgical approaches for treating Class III situations. As with the Class II appliance, it is worn as a first stage of treatment. I have seen wonderful, remarkable results.


Carriere Motion 3D Variety Of Colors
Pallette of Available Colors for Carriere Class II Appliance
They come in various colors. Fun!
FiT20/26 Self-Ligating Stainless Steel Dental Brackets
FiT 20/26 Bracket System
There is no doubt in my mind this is the most efficient dental bracket system available. It is made of a special nickel-free alloy. Often patients who use this system spend less time in treatment and enjoy outstanding results.


NeoCrystal Aesthetic Dental Brackets Front
NeoCrystal Aesthetic Dental Brackets
This is a beautiful aesthetic bracket system that easily competes with traditional stainless steel twin tie brackets.
NeoCrystal Aesthetic Dental Brackets Side
NeoCrystal Aesthetic Dental Brackets
Another view.


Rhodium Coated Traditional Stainless Steel Dental Brackets
Rhodium Coated Twin Tie Dental Brackets
In my opinion, these are the most aesthetic traditional brackets out there. They can be use with colored ligatures.
AcceleDent Optima SoftPulse Orthodontic Device
AcceleDent Optima SoftPulse Orthodontic Device
This device is used to relieve discomfort from orthodontic adjustments and to shorten the treatment time. It needs to be used 20 minutes per day.