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    Clear Carriere Motion Appliance Class II

    This is simply a great appliance for starting children and adult Class II cases. Early establishment of a Class I ( which is a normal bite for the back teeth) and significant profile improvement often occurs. It is worn for about three to foor months as part of the first stage of treatment. One big benefit to this appliance is that the patient spends less time wearing braces.

    Carriere Motion Appliance Class II

    This appliance is one of the best non-surgical approaches for treating Class III situations. As with the Class II appliance, it is worn as a first stage of treatment. I have seen wonderful, remarkable results.

    Pitts 21® Braces

    These brackets can straighten your smile with less hassle and more comfort.

    Reveal® Clear Aligners

    These ailgners are as clear and comfortable as you can get.

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