Are Malocclusions Affecting the Health of Your Smile?

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Malocclusions, which are more commonly referred to as “bad bites” are the misalignment of the teeth which fit poorly together with the jaw. This dental condition has a variety of causes, many of which are often out of one’s control. For a look at what kinds of malocclusions might be affecting your smile, let’s take a brief overview:

– Misplaced midlines occur when the center of your upper incisors (front teeth) fail to correctly align with the center of your lower incisors.

– Underbites, often called bulldog teeth, occur when your lower incisors protrude out further than your upper incisors.

– Crossbites occur when your lower jawbone protrudes farther out than your upper jawbone.

– Spacing malocclusions occur with overcrowding in the mouth or large gaps between teeth.

– Transposition malocclusions take place when your teeth erupt above the gum line but come in in the wrong place.

– Open bites occur when you have disconnected upper and lower incisors when biting down.

– Rotation malocclusions occur when the teeth rotate out of their proper alignment.

Overbites, or upper protrusions, arise when your upper incisors protrude farther out than your lower incisors.

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