Braces Don’t Just Align Your Smile

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Braces don’t just align crooked smiles, in fact, modern orthodontics help your smile with a variety of oral issues. At the orthodontic practice of Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC located in Brooklyn, New York, we are proud to help our patients of all ages avoid the pitfalls of poor oral health.

If you have teeth that are crowded, or have a misaligned bite or problems with your jaw, you can find the relief you need with the help of orthodontic treatment. Let’s take a look at the kinds of problems you can prevent by straightening your teeth and aligning your smile.

— A crooked, crowded smile can create speech problems that can make you feel self-conscious.
— Misalignment can cause disorders of the jaw along with jaw pain.
— A misaligned bite can create difficulties with biting and chewing, resulting in digestive issues.
— Misalignment can cause irregular wearing down of precious tooth enamel.
— A crooked smile can cause erosion of the bone and gums.
— Misaligned teeth can result in facial pain, earaches, and headache pain.
— Tooth decay and gum disease can arise because an unaligned smile is difficult to clean properly.

Through modern orthodontics and the help of our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Michael Emanuel, you can create the smile you desire and deserve. Not only will you be able to clean your smile more effectively, but it will look and feel great too. If you have a misaligned smile, we urge you to reach out to our team at 718-336-5005 to see if braces can help you improve your oral health.