Braces Will Correct Many Different Alignment Issues

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Dr. Michael Emanuel has successfully used braces to correct many different alignment issues over the years. The exact reason why braces might be called for, can vary from child to child, but most are related to a few core issues.

Through the process of growing up, you son or daughter will lose all 20 of their primary teeth, to accommodate the 32 permanent teeth that must serve them for life. While there are some common patterns to the order in which primary teeth are lost and replaced, primary teeth are not all lost at the same time.

These frequent changes in jaw structure can sometimes cause multiple permanent teeth to emerge out of alignment with the corresponding teeth. This is even more likely if one or more of your child’s primary teeth needed to be extracted when they were younger.

It’s not uncommon for multiple primary teeth to be lost and replaced at the same time. If the available void left by the vacated primary teeth is insufficient for the space required for the permanent teeth it can lead to overcrowding issues. If this is not corrected, it can lead to bite alignment issues. This greatly increases the chances of your child suffering chips and fractures in this area.

If your child has issues related to a pronounced under or overbite, it can affect their appearance as well as their ability to efficiently chew food.

With timely adjustment sessions, and proper maintenance, Dr. Michael Emanuel can use braces to correct any of these issues.

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