Damaged Braces Require Immediate Care

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Through the course of your regular adjustment sessions with your Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC orthodontist, your teeth will gradually be moved into their idea alignment. However, if any part of your braces is bent or damaged in some way, it will likely increase the number of required alignment sessions. If any part of your braces is damaged, you should not delay in contacting us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Here at Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC we offer a few helpful tips to help you manage damaged braces, while you await your appointment with your orthodontist.

If part of it is still attached to any other part of your braces, you should not attempt to remove it. This could cause even more complications.

If a piece of hardware is damaged or comes loose, a sharp point could puncture your cheek or gums. When we first installed your braces, you should have been given a piece of special orthodontic wax. You can try to secure the broken hardware inside the orthodontic wax to protect your mouth.

It’s not unheard of for a spacer to fall out shortly before you are due for your next adjustment session. If this happens, you should give us a call. We will most likely move up your next adjustment session to an earlier time.

If any part of your braces is loose or damage, you should not delay in calling Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC’s offices in Brooklyn, New York at 718-336-5005 to schedule an appointment.