Details About Why Adolescent Years Are the Best Years to Start the Orthodontic Journey

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If your child is in need of braces, then it’s best to consider the right time for treatment. Our orthodontist, Dr. Michael Emanuel, recommends beginning orthodontic treatment in the adolescent years. However, if your child is older, that is perfectly fine. Any age is a great age to align the teeth! To tell you why the adolescent years are the best, our orthodontist is happy to share some details.

The first reason why this is the case is because the permanent teeth have all grown into place and the jaw is still developing. This means the teeth are easier to move. Because of this, the treatment might not be as complicated or tedious. It might make the treatment easier and even faster.

The second reason why this is the case is because braces and other orthodontic appliances are common around school and extracurricular activities. This means your child can still “fit in” if they have braces. In fact, your child might even want to have braces so they can be like the cool kids on campus.

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