A Straight Smile Is a Healthy Smile

Misalignment issues with our teeth and jaws are called malocclusions. The exact cause of a malocclusion can be as varied as the types of alignments issues that can plague our mouths. Despite all the varied challenges posed by the misalignments of our teeth, there are plenty of treatment options available, including orthodontic braces and aligners…. Read more »

An Overview of Orthodontic Treatment

When you come to to get orthodontic treatment for you or your child, we work hard to make your journey to straight teeth is as comfortable and quick as possible. Come to our office in , , if you think either of you have an alignment problem. During the initial visit, Dr. will assess what… Read more »

How to Prevent Gum Disease During Orthodontic Treatment

If you are aligning your smile, you are more susceptible to gum disease than those who aren’t. This is because the braces make it more difficult to deeply clean your teeth and completely remove the plaque on a regular basis. If the plaque isn’t removed, it can form gum disease, which is a serious dental… Read more »

The Dental Issues to Avoid When You Have Braces

Braces are great appliances that can help you have the perfect smile you deserve. They are very beneficial; however, they can cause some trouble if you’re not careful, and trouble equals longer treatment time. So, if you want to stay on track toward your perfect smile and if you want to keep your oral health… Read more »

Do You Really Need Straight Teeth?

We all know that straightening teeth isn’t a simple, or quick, process, but we go through with it anyways because we want a bright, vibrant smile. However, the question to be asked is a pretty simple one – do we really need straight teeth? The short answer is yes, but let’s take a few minutes… Read more »

Wearing a Retainer Will Help You Make Sure Your New Smile Lasts for a Long Time

Over the course of successive adjustments, the braces installed by your orthodontist, Dr. , have moved your teeth into their ideal alignment. This will give you a better functioning mouth and a winning smile. It’s important to note that even after your braces have been removed, there will still be some lingering tension in your… Read more »

Why to Consider Ceramic Braces

It’s perfectly normal to want a straight, beautiful smile. However, if you’re not a teenager anymore it can feel a bit embarrassing to wear braces. That’s why we offer many different options for adults looking to fix their teeth and make their smile look incredible again. Once of those options is ceramic braces. Let’s look… Read more »

How to Care for Your Teeth with Braces

Dr. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. may recommend braces in , . Getting braces requires dedication on your part. Caring for your teeth while wearing braces will take a little more time. However, the end results are well worth the effort. How to Brush and Floss with Braces Braces and other orthodontic… Read more »

Braces Are Commonly Used to Address Certain Orthodontic and Alignment Issues

While they come with certain cosmetic variations, braces work on the same set of principles. Through the course of consistent and progressive adjustment sessions, the braces apply modest pressure to stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth. Each adjustment brings the teeth one small step closer to your ideal smile. While braces are generally… Read more »

Braces Will Correct Many Different Alignment Issues

Dr. has successfully used braces to correct many different alignment issues over the years. The exact reason why braces might be called for, can vary from child to child, but most are related to a few core issues. Through the process of growing up, you son or daughter will lose all 20 of their primary… Read more »