Fun Facts About Cleaning Braces

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Are you currently wearing orthodontic braces or thinking about doing so in the future? One significant reminder to keep in mind is the need to always make sure they are well cared for and properly maintained. Although braces seek to actively straighten your teeth, if they are damaged, they will not be able to function needed. Listed below are a few effective tips to keep your braces clean and in tip-top shape:

Braces will not clean themselves, which means your oral hygiene habits are still necessary. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice per day and flossing each day. However, traditional braces can make flossing more difficult. To make sure you can clean your teeth effectively, there are special dental tools designed specifically for braces, as well as alternative tools that can work well too, such as water flossers.

To keep your braces clean includes removing and washing your braces regularly. If your braces should break or a wire gets knocked loose, do not try to fix it on your own. Doing so can increase your risk for an oral accident or potentially damage your teeth even more. Cover the damaged area with orthodontic wax and visit your orthodontist immediately.

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