How Do Overbites Happen?

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Do you or your children have overbites? Do you wonder how this could have happened? If so, we can help you understand some of the probable causes and what can be done to treat the issue.

There are a few things that can lead to the development of an overbite. A lot of these can occur at a young age. Young children have jaws that are still developing, which means they can be nudged out of alignment more easily. It usually takes bad habits that are performed over long periods of time to do the trick. If you or your children sucked on their thumbs, sucked on their bottles or breathed through their mouths habitually and for long stretches, those could be the causes of the overbites.

Now, please do not think that we are telling you to not feed your children with a bottle. We stress that the problem may come if they suck on it for way too long. As you help your children to not suck on the bottle excessively, you may help them avoid an overbite. The same is true if you help them break a thumb-sucking or mouth-breathing habit.

Now even if an overbite develops, please do not feel like you have made a big mistake. It may not be something you have done, as genetics can also play a role. Our genes are not flawless, and they can affect the jaw so that it develops with a misalignment. Even if that is not the case, overbites can be treated and corrected through orthodontics.

We have the training and experience to deal with overbites and other misalignments here at our office in Brooklyn, New York. You can consult with our orthodontist, Dr. Michael Emanuel, who can study the issue and figure out the best treatment method. In order to contact us and set up an appointment, please call 718-336-5005.