Orthodontic Braces and Your Smile

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Is your smile in need of orthodontic braces? Do you have crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw that needs straightening to get the flawless smile you desire? If so, orthodontic braces can provide many of the tools and treatments you need to fix even the worst malocclusions.

Straight smiles make happy smiles because a set of misaligned teeth can easily cause feelings of anxiety or stress. People tend to not smile as much when they have insecurities about their smile due to a misalignment or other spacing issues. For many cases, this can lead to increased levels of depression and low self-esteem. Orthodontic braces can improve these emotional strains by straightening your smile and creating a more positive self-image.

Straighter smiles are also simpler to clean and care for. With crooked teeth, there are more areas that bacteria and plaque can reside in, which can become difficult to brush or floss. Straight smiles can make brushing and flossing much easier and much more effective. A straight smile is also less likely to suffer from oral health disorders such as TMDs or bruxism.

Make sure to take good care of your braces so they can function as intended. For more information about braces, or to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Michael Emanuel and our team at Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC, give us a call at 718-336-5005. Our dentist office is conveniently located in Brooklyn, New York. We want to ensure your smile is shining for years to come.