Top Tips for Keeping Your Orthodontic Braces Safe and Clean

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If you wish for your orthodontic braces to correct your smile properly, it is important to maintain an atmosphere conducive to effective care. Do not put your teeth or your braces at risk with ineffective cleaning treatments. When cleaning your braces, treat them as you would your own teeth and continue to care for them every day.

The first step in taking care of your braces is to continue to protect them as you would your normal teeth from hazards that seek to disrupt your natural smile. This includes oral accidents and injuries caused by contact sports and high-risk activities. If you participate in these types of events, always wear a mouth guard or appropriate safety equipment to keep your smile safe.

Be sure to clean your braces daily along with your teeth. This includes brushing and flossing them and cleaning your retainer when necessary. If you cannot floss effectively, switch to a water flosser or similar dental tool. For additional care, always make the time to attend your regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments.

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