Traditional Braces Can Help Control Widely Spaced Teeth

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Your child’s body goes through a wide range of changes throughout their first two decades of life. This also includes their permanent teeth replacing the primary teeth that served them during early childhood.

Some children will have two or more permanent teeth emerge at a pint where the surrounding bone structure is still developing. This might cause the teeth to have significant space between. Without professional attention from an orthodontist like Dr. Michael Emanuel the diastema could lead to future alignment issues.

After assessing your child’s oral structure and the general health of the teeth he might recommend installing some form of traditional braces. Once the brackets, wires, bands and other components have been installed in their mouth, your child might need to periodically return to Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC for routine adjustments.

Each of these appointments will apply a mild amount of tension to the braces components to help hold the gapped teeth in position or to gradually alter their position as your child’s mouth continues to develop. If necessary Dr. Michael Emanuel might recommend adjusting any other misaligned teeth in their mouth.

If you live in the Brooklyn, New York, area and you have noticed a gap developing between two or more of your child’s teeth, you should consider calling 718-336-5005 to set up an appointment at Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC.