Are you looking for an orthodontic option that is even more discreet than clear aligners? Then ask us about BRIUS® lingual braces in Brooklyn, New York! Dr. Michael Emanuel is proud to offer this breakthrough, truly invisible orthodontic treatment to help you get the results you want with less time and hassle than any other option. Call Dr. Emanuel at 718-336-5005 today to learn more!

Faster Treatment
BRIUS works on each tooth simultaneously. Get results in months and not years.

No Adjustments
Our orthodontist will track your progress, but you only need one BRIUS appliance per dental arch!

Simplified Oral Health
BRIUS is attached to individual teeth with no wires in between, making brushing and flossing a breeze.

Truly Invisible
Because BRIUS is on the inside of your teeth, it is far more discreet than braces or aligners.

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BRIUS is a groundbreaking orthodontic treatment option that combines the ease of clear aligners with the power of traditional braces, giving you the best of both worlds. Using patented arms, BRIUS glides each tooth into its optimal position, all without adjustments or interruptions to your everyday life. And the best part? BRIUS treatment takes less time! With fewer visits to our orthodontist and a treatment that is always working, most patients achieve their new smiles in a year or less!

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