Are you searching for a more discreet orthodontic treatment? Dr. Michael Emanuel provides Halo® Clear Braces to give you a virtually invisible treatment. This innovative orthodontic system allows you to enjoy a beautiful, more natural-looking smile while also correcting the alignment of your teeth to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Halo braces are made from a special polycrystalline material, which is refined through a patented process to produce the crystal clear brackets that characterize this treatment. This material produces not only a clear bracket, but an incredibly smooth surface that makes the bracket more comfortable and more effective. Halo braces are also easy to place due to blue food-dye markings, and debond from your teeth exactly the same way as a traditional metal bracket.

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Benefits of Halo clear braces include:

  • Virtually invisible – in fact, the clear ceramic material will adapt to the color of your teeth!
  • Highly durable – these braces are incredibly strong and fracture resistant, so you will spend less time in our office for repairs to your appliance
  • Small and smooth, resulting in less irritation and discomfort during your treatment
  • Reduced friction, meaning less treatment time than other types of metal or clear braces

We welcome you to contact Michael Emanuel DDS PLLC at 718-336-5005 to learn more about the benefits of Halo clear braces in Brooklyn, New York, and to schedule your consultation with our skilled orthodontist.

Halo Bracket