neo sapphireDr. Michael Emanuel is pleased to offer two types of excellent ceramic brackets to give you a discreet and highly effective orthodontic treatment, including the innovative NeoCrystal® Plus™ Sapphire Ceramic Braces. In today’s society, appearance matters, and your smile is often one of the first things others notice about you. NeoCrystal Plus braces allow you to discreetly improve your smile and enhance your lifestyle so that you can reap the benefits of a beautiful smile throughout your entire life.

NeoCrystal Plus Sapphire Ceramic Braces offers unmatched clarity as well as maximum efficiency and high-quality results. Unlike many other types of clear braces, NeoCrystal Plus braces are made from a special monocrystalline material rather than matched to a specific color. This gives them a virtually invisible appearance and allows your natural tooth tone to shine through for a perfect color match. Best of all, these braces will not become discolored over time!

NeoCrystalIn addition to helping you maintain a natural, professional appearance throughout your treatment, NeoCrystal Plus braces are also designed for your comfort. Each bracket is heat-polished to create an incredibly smooth surface, and is designed with low-profile, rounded corners to create a less bulky appliance.

We welcome you to contact us at 718-336-5005 to learn more about NeoCrystal Plus Sapphire Ceramic Braces in Brooklyn, New York, and to schedule your consultation with our experienced orthodontist.