Why to Consider Ceramic Braces

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It’s perfectly normal to want a straight, beautiful smile. However, if you’re not a teenager anymore it can feel a bit embarrassing to wear braces. That’s why we offer many different options for adults looking to fix their teeth and make their smile look incredible again. Once of those options is ceramic braces.

Let’s look at what ceramic braces are and why you should take them into consideration as you go through your journey of getting orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic braces are just like traditional wire and bracket braces, but most of the visible hardware has been glazed with a ceramic material that can be shaded to perfectly match your natural tooth enamel.

Just like any style of braces, if you develop cavities on multiple teeth, or if some part of your braces is damaged, the total duration of time needed to achieve your ideal smile could increase. With that in mind, Dr. Michael Emanuel offers these basic tips to help you maintain ceramic braces.

Your braces and teeth will need to be brushed twice a day. Once you have thoroughly cleaned in and around the braces, you should then floss your teeth. If you’re having issues cleaning hard-to-reach places, you might want to try getting interdental brushes and a floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss.

If you think ceramic braces are the answer to your tooth alignment problems, call us today at 718-336-5005 to schedule a consultation appointment and get started on the road to straight, wonderful-looking teeth!